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Omega Forklift Trucks are built with a strong, heavy-duty chasis with industry-leading components that offer outstanding reliability and serviceability. They are also designed so that individual components can be easily serviced or replaced.

Unlike most other heavy forklifts, which can only have repairs or partial overhauls carried out in the field or in service bays, Omega Heavy Forklifts can be returned to the Omega factory in Sydney, Australia and be completely rebuilt with the same tooling and by the same experienced people who first manufactured it. 

The scope of the work can be determined based on individual requirements and the condition of each component, however project scope can include the repair or replacement of;

  • Engine and transmission
  • Steer and drive axles
  • Upright
  • Cabin
  • Hydraulic and electrical systems
  • Before

    This Omega RoRo came to us needing a refurbishment. 

  • Step 1

    The initial inspection needed to be conducted by our qualified staff to ensure the rebuild would be a success

  • Step 2

    The Omega RoRo was stripped down to the bare chassis

  • Step 3

    The RoRo was measured againts out current factory specs

  • Step 4

    Major and minor repairs that were required were completed on sit by our trained engineers.

  • Step 5

    The frame was blasted and ready to be painted

  • Step 6

    The cabin needed to be repaired and blasted before any painting could occur

  • Step 7

    Upgrades were performed to the RoRo

  • Step 8

    The Counterweight needed to be smoothed over

  • Step 9

    The wheel hubs needed to be crack tested

  • Step 10

    The steer axle needed to be repaired and tested

  • Step 11

    The mast needed to be repaired and crack tested

  • Step 12

    The drive axled needed to be replaced

  • Step 13

    The Engine needed to be refurbished

  • Step 14

    The Electricals needed to be upgraded and replaced

  • Complete

    The final product looks just like new.