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25 September 2018


The Omega 16 tonne forklift is designed for heavy duty applications requiring hard-working reliability and performance, while providing the latest in operator comfort and maximum safety.

BUILT SMART. Omega is committed to innovation and continues to develop technology to optimize our customers’ businesses. Our 16T can be optioned with a full range of solutions from SMART screens, cameras, warning systems, stability programming and fleet management. With engineering and product development based in Australia, Omega works with our customers for boutique solutions, recently developing a sophisticated awning detection system for GRACE Worldwide (read more here).

BUILT TOUGH. The Omega 16T has a 16t lifting capacity and is designed with heavy duty uprights, hydraulics and fabricated assemblies to lift heavy loads in consistently high-cycle applications. Models are rated to full lift height with side-shift fork positioner, ensuring maximum stability and residual capacity in heavy duty applications. 

BUILT HERE. The Omega 16T is designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions – proving manufacturing is alive and kicking in Australia!  Local production gives Omega customers the option to customize their heavy truck to meet their unique needs.

Performance. Omega 16T’s have the right balance of power, efficiency and economy to meet the needs of industry. Units are powered and driven by well-matched advanced Cummins QSB electronic engines, ZF transmissions, Kessler drive axle and leading hydraulics. The 16-6 boasts a tight turning circle, bringing you high lifting capacity to tight operating spaces.

Safety. OMEGA is committed to workplace safety and this is embedded in every aspect of the design and manufacture of our Heavy Forklifts. The 16T boasts a high visibility mast, is optimized through the slim line ‘A Pillar’ cab designed to withstand significant impacts whilst maintaining occupant protection and structural integrity.


Cabin & Ergonomics. The 16T boasts a front mounted all weather tilt cabin with tinted safety glass. The cabin has easy access left side entry with high roof. Noise is no issue with Omega noise reduction. Operator comfort and performance is assured with fingertip servo control, ergonomically mounted console, adjustable steering column and suspension seat.  

Key Features:                       

  • Cummins QSB electronic engine
  • ZF transmissions and Kessler drive axle
  • Wet disc brakes, oil cooled
  • Engine protection system
  • Safety interlocks
  • Fingertip servo control
  • National parts and service support from CLARK Equipment

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