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OMEGA Partners with GRACE Worldwide (Australia) for Innovative Safety Solutions

23 February 2018


OMEGA Partners with GRACE Worldwide (Australia)


OMEGA Heavy Lift Trucks recently partnered with GRACE Worldwide (Australia) to engineer an innovative solution to meet their safety needs.

A brand new 4ECH was delivered to GRACE, who had a need to stack containers 4 high but had an immovable awning. OMEGA set out to ensure a system was supplied to detect the awning to avoid risk of damage to the awning or truck and ensure employee safety.

The OMEGUARDIAN photoelectric 3D sensor system was installed. This system measures volume, distance and level detection. This powerful technology is used to recognise specific objects and programmed to not only detect the awning, but ignore normal container stacks.

When the awning is detected, the truck will alert the driver with both an audible and visual alarm. The trucks speed is automatically reduced to 1km/h when the distance to the awning is less than 2 meters.

Coupled with the integrated stability programming, inherently superior tip-up factors and cabs designed to exceed the standards for occupant protection – this is further evidence of OMEGA Heavy Lift Trucks commitment to innovation and safety!

Projects and Procurement Manager of GRACE Worldwide (Australia) Mr Paul Gowland, points to the improved site safety of the innovative solution: 

"GRACE Worldwide handles millions of personal belongings every day, so we ensure we employ drivers that are very experienced. The extra safeguards provided by the OMEGA System helps protect our staff, the equipment and our precious cargo. We are very proud to have partnered with OMEGA in this innovative solution."


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