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Omega Heavy Trucks. Built Smart, Built Tough, Built Here.

24 July 2017

It is built SMART, into the very DNA of an Omega, with fully integrated CANBUS technology and telemetry constantly monitoring vital systems and reporting to both our central 'Tech Centre' and to you through our fleet management program.

It is built TOUGH, designed and engineered for demanding applications and to keep running long after other machines fail. 

It is built HERE, designed and manufactured in Australia by Clark Equipment, who have over 50 years experience designing, building and supporting heavy trucks in Australia.

The Omega Heavy Truck range includes:

  • ​Heavy Forklift Trucks 
  • Empty & Dedicated Container Handlers
  • Reach Stackers
  • Other Variants for Specialised Applications

Omega Heavy Trucks are available under a number of solutions including:

  • Fully Maintained Operating Leases
  • Flexible Rental, with No Fixed Term Contract*
  • Finance Leases & Commercial Hire Purchase

Built Smart. Built Tough. Built Here.

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