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Omega Range

Omega Heavy Trucks are designed and manufactured in Australia by Clark Equipment, who have over 50 years history in the design, manufacture and support of materials handling equipment. The Omega range includes Heavy Forklift Trucks, Empty Container Handlers, Dedicated Container Handlers, Reach Stackers, and other variants available for specialised applications.

Omega News

New Global Sustainable Manufacturing Model

Collaboration between UNSW Sydney, Chalmers University Sweden and Australian industry helps develop new global sustainable manufacturing model. Ilaria Barletta has been driven by her passion on sustainability since she was a child. This journey was inspired after she read a comic starring Huey, Dewey ...

Omega Heavy Trucks. Built Smart, Built Tough, Built Here.

It is built SMART, into the very DNA of an Omega, with fully integrated CANBUS technology and telemetry constantly monitoring vital systems and reporting to both our central 'Tech Centre' and to you through our fleet management program. It is built TOUGH, designed and engineered for demanding ...

RS65 Delivery

Bismark Shipping have recently purchased an Omega RS65 Reach Stacker. The RS65 unit can handle 45T and stack 5 high. This machine was chosen due to the superior features, our local support from our branch in PNG and the proximity to our manufacturing facility in Australia where the full Omega range is ...